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The cakes are prepared with light vanilla or dark cocoa sponge cake and filled with cream fillings, milky or buttery vanilla fillings, and enriched with chocolate, cocoa, coffee, walnuts, fresh or stewed fruit or aromas. Succulence is achieved with fruit juices, rum, and liqueurs.

The coating is either made of artificial cream powdered with chocolate, ground walnuts or hazelnuts, or the cakes are garnished with fruit and jelly, or coated with chocolate. Festive cakes can be coated with marzipan or white sugar fondant, which gives the cake a refined festive look. We can also create an edible picture from a photo that you bring us yourselves, or you can pick out one of the many pictures we have prepared for you in the confectionery.


Our cakes are kept at + 4°c up to + 8°c.
At this temperature, the expiry date is two days after the day of purchase.
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